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Vitruvian Labs possesses over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in DoD tactical communications and networks. We have used our software and hardware expertise to develop network instrumentation, and data visualization and analysis tools for use in lab and field-based testing. We also specialize in optimizing soldier application performance by providing custom software and hardware solutions. We have satisfied our customers by identifying capability gaps, and by designing and developing solutions to complex systems and network problems.


  • PEO-C3T, Mounted Mission Command (MMC)
  • Program Manager Mission Command, Fire Support Command and Control (FSC2)
  • Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO-Soldier)
  • Program Manager Tactical Radios (PMTR)
  • Army Futures Command - Unified Lab for Tactical Radios - Army (ULTR-A)
  • Defense Healthcare Management Systems - PdM Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS)

Our services


  • Docker container deployment
  • Linux Server Administration
  • IP packet collection
  • SNMP Polling

Data Collection and Analysis

Full Stack web development for data visualization and analysis, and instrumentation health monitoring. Custom hardware and software solutions for data stimulation and collection in lab and field exercises.

Radios and Waveforms

  • General Dynamics PRC-154A
  • General Dynamics PRC-155
  • Trellisware MBITR 148A/B/C
  • Harris 152A
  • Harris 117G
  • ASIP
  • SRW

Military Tactical Radios

Data communications and network monitoring. Polling and configuration.


  • Nett Warrior Plugins
  • TAK Plugins
  • VMF Message Concatenation
  • COT and VMF stimulation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Mapping
  • SNMP Polling

Mobile application

Soldier applications with an emphasis on radio interfacing and optimizing network use.


  • Tactical Modems
  • MIL-STD-188-220
  • MIL-STD-47001
  • MIL-STD-6017

Embedded Design

Embedded software for Zynq, FPGA, and microcontroller solutions

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Our office

Our office is located in Aberdeen, Maryland. Additionally, we share lab space with members of the Army Futures Command, RDECOM, on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.

Vitruvian Labs LLC

210 Research Blvd, Aberdeen, MD 21001, STE 130